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When you’re involved in a family law dispute, it is not enough to focus purely on the legal result. How you handle these matters will have a lasting effect on your personal and financial well-being. With offices in Madison and Jefferson, Your Family Law Center represents clients throughout the state in a supportive, professional manner. In divorce cases, custody disputes and other types of family law litigation, we diligently protect your rights while easing your burden at every stage of the process. With 35+ years of combined experience, our attorneys have seen how family crises affect children. We take special care to safeguard children. We help our clients stay focused on the children’s best interest, without losing sight of the need to protect our client’s best interest.

Dedicated Attorneys Provide Comprehensive Divorce Support

Whether the breakup of your marriage is amicable or bitter, we will give you the knowledge and guidance you need to understand key divorce issues, such as:

  • Grounds — Wisconsin is a no-fault divorce state, so every marriage is dissolved based on a finding that the union is “irretrievably broken”. Traditional grounds such as adultery or abandonment are no longer used. Legal Separation is available for a marriage that is “broken”.
  • Property division — In WI there is a legal presumption that the marital estate will be divided 50/50, with gifts and inheritance to be awarded to the recipient. The experienced attorneys at Your Family Law Center have had great success in cases in which there are exceptions to these presumptions. There are many ways to divide a marital estate. We closely examine the circumstances of each case to help each client obtain the results warranted by law, and consistent with the client’s needs.
  • Maintenance — Often, one spouse contributes more financial support to the family while the other may commit more time to the children and/or household. During a divorce or legal separation, courts review a variety of factors to determine if maintenance payments are necessary to maintain the standard of living of the spouse who didn’t work or earned significantly less and if requiring such payments is fair to the other spouse. Maintenance is often considered the wild card in family law cases, and the results can vary widely. The attorneys at Your Family Law Center are very experienced in building the case needed to best advocate for the client’s position on his/her maintenance claim.

Our personalized approach to each case allows us to develop a strategy tailored to your specific situation and objectives.

Family lawyers guide clients through child support, custody and placement issues

Kids come first! This is why the lawyers at Your Family Law Center choose to dedicate their careers to family law. Child custody, placement and support matters must be the highest priority for clients with minor children. That’s why we take the time to understand how you think the divorce will affect your child’s physical, emotional, educational and social well-being. In most cases, parents are able to share legal custody so that they both maintain authority over key decisions affecting their child. For placement issues we work with clients to reach a mutually acceptable agreement whenever possible and appropriate. When that cannot be done, we work with our clients to build a solid case to protect the best interests of the child(ren). In addition, our lawyers are also very skilled in presenting the rules and exceptions for getting initial and modifying existing child support orders.

Experienced advisers create fair and enforceable prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, and attack unfair agreements

Protecting legal rights and personal assets isn’t likely to be foremost in the minds of engaged or newly married couples. However, some advance planning and skilled guidance can help you avoid serious conflict and cost in the event your marriage does not last. Our lawyers offer effective legal assistance to clients who are looking to establish prenuptial or postnuptial agreements. We also represent clients in attacking unfair agreements, and defending against unfair attacks of fair agreements.

Experienced lawyers guide clients through Stepparent Adoptions

Often times stepparents are willing to adopt a stepchild. We find great satisfaction in helping obtain the court’s acknowledgment of the family relationship in these cases. Our meticulous attorneys take extraordinary efforts to ensure all documentation is complete and accurate to minimize the possibility of unexpected hurdles.

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