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Sadie C. Minobe

  • Sadie C. Minobe

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A Wisconsin transplant, Sadie is committed to providing zealous advocacy to family law clients throughout the south-central area. Sadie graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy in 2013 and earned her Juris Doctor from the University of Wisconsin in 2016. While in law school, her commitment to providing compassionate client service led her to intern at the Family Law Project and the Wisconsin Public Defender’s Office. Through those experiences, she had the privilege of providing compassionate service to clients from a diverse set of backgrounds and cultures. Working with clients with varied occupations and backgrounds throughout her career has enabled her to convey complex legal information simply, so you will never feel lost in legalese. With Sadie as your attorney, you can feel confident that you have someone on your side who understands where you have been and the best way to get you where you want to go